How to start earning on Forex

 There’s an eternal question: how to start earning on Forex? Why 95 % of Forex participants lose? To answer these questions it is necessary to analyse the situation and recall how everything began. The scheme is more or less the same. We find out about Forex from a source: we use google, we learn how to install the terminal, we install it and begin trading.

As a rule beginners are profit-making. They don’t have a question: how to start earning on Forex. They are not loaded with any knowledge yet, they make deals simply basing on their intuition.


  The crucial factor is total absence of emotions (except positive), nervous tension, stress caused by losses. Having traded some days and having understood how simple it is we fill up the deposit with real money. No matter how weird it may seem, the first deposit easily and quickly leaves our terminal. Needless to say that this is considered to be misunderstanding, ridiculous accident and it is necessary to begin from the start. New attempt is going to be successful. But is it?



After loosing the second deposit, sometimes the first (sometimes even the third), we join an eternal circulation in search of "our own Graal". We hunt the Internet searching for that miracle system, we try one after another, and having tested it we refuse it and go on searching for another. Mastering or better to say testing of each system takes a month or two. It can last for years this way.

how to start earning on Forex


  I suggest other variant. All of us have joined Forex to make money. Let's try to draw a parallel to offline business, after all Forex is a kind of business too. How would the same actions look offline? Hoping to become a businessman, a person grasps for any business, invests his time and his money in it. Having wasted some time on this business and having thrown away certain quantity of money, he refuses it. Then he grasps for another, and one more, and more and so on. Is it possible to expect success this way? Apparently not. What would you do in such situation? It seems to me that being occupied with some business, one should not skip from one to another, but deal with one activity. Now we are approaching the answer to the question: how to start earning on Forex.

  Trading system. It is an important component of successful trading. There are plenty of trading systems laid out in Internet. I recommend to start with choosing the time-frame which would be the most suitable for your character. Would it be several minutes, four hours or a whole day schedule. The frame choice also depends on time available. How much time are you determined to devote to trading. If you are occupied by "collateral" work, then you’d better start with one-hour schedule.


make money on Forex

  It is impossible to cover all the mistakes and hesitations in one article, so let me mention only the main of them. The next mistake is being torn between display and non-display system. As I have already mentioned, the majority of indicators may change. At the moment of trading they may show one thing, and after that indications are changed. History will show everything in a perfect way. Having looked in the History one would ask how is it possible to trade at a loss rather than how to start earning on Forex.?


Having played enough with indicators, the person starts to clear the schedule until there remains bare price. I advise you to try to choose the system with the minimum set of indicators from the very beginning. Study the price, and not the indicators. Only the knowledge/understanding of the price will lead you to profit.
In conclusion, I will recommend you the strategy “in return” as the best variant. As always, there is a minimum of indicators, and very profitable, reliable system. It is simple in understanding and mastering. It is easily processed in History. It is not only possible but highly recommended to train persistently on History and then automatically trade in real. This strategy is perfect for beginners. Further, when you have more experience, there will be no necessity to change it for other one.
I know many experienced traders from the different countries who are in the market more than one year and “in return” is their basic strategy. One should enter in the wave beginning, after correction, and then choose the whole wave at very reasonable risk.

By this article I wanted to lead you to the following conclusion: stop skipping from one strategy to another! Choose one of them and train until it works properly. This is the best way to profitable trade. Many people may need many and many deposits to reach this truth. Learn from the mistakes of others. Take up a strategy and don’t give it up as long as you want to trade profitably.
And the main thing! I can’t but repeat: follow the rules of money management that is MM. Do not risk more than 1-2% of your deposit in each deal. Examine the web page containing the information about management of capital. Learn not to break the rules of MM, add to that good, profitable trading system and … that’s it. The question how to start earning on Forex is solved for you.
This article may be considered as a guide for action.




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Wish you great profits! Good luck!






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