"Sicher" strategy

Sicher is a safe Forex strategy. Trading becomes very confident and reliable with this Forex strategy. You can work both on small and serious deposits with it. There is one small disadvantage which is with excess compensated by the profit. This disadvantage is the infrequent signals, 1-2 signals a month. Pluses: from 5-6 transactions only one is in minus. More than 80% of profitable transactions.

Thus the profit, got from one transaction, exceeds the possible loss 2 times. This strategy doesn’t require long sitting near the computer.

In general, evaluate by your own.

Set the working place for Sicher – the safe Forex strategy. Set the graphs’ windows as it is shown on the screen.

The window H1 is the biggest. The upper is H4, the middle is D1 and the lower one is W1.
Currency pairs involved in trading: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY.
Use the standard indicators MA Exponential with the value 33 and MACD with the standard settings. Set MA on every graph, MACD only on H1.
Trading conditions.
The quotes on all the graphs are found similarly. For the Short positions (down) the currency quotes in all the frames (on all the time graphs) are situated under the Moving (under MA). In H1 after the first Moving breakdown there is a Deaver which is marked with Aqua color on the graph. All the trading conditions are fulfilled = trading, enter by pattern 1.2.3 (one, two, three). The entrance is marked with a yellow line in the picture under the post. For the Long positions – specularly. Put the stop loss by the pattern 1.2.3. Stop is marked with a red line. Take Profit = Stop Loss multiplied by 2.

What is the Deaver, kinds of divergences? What is the pattern 1.2.3? Read here.

Sicher is a safe Forex strategy

On the next screen you can see that all the currency quotes were situated below the Moving, therefore the trading condition is fulfilled. The transaction has worked with a profit.

Sicher is a safe Forex strategy

It should be noted that though Sicher is a safe Forex strategy, it behaves appropriately almost with any currency pair, personally I work only with EURUSD, what I strongly recommend to you too.





Wish you great profits! Good luck!





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