Download the Forex indicators


Here you can download the Forex indicators and the support programs.
Setting the indicators to the terminal. Copy the file with the indicator, paste into the folder Metatrader4 – experts – indicators. Then find it in the terminal in “Custom Indicators” and set it on the graphs.

MF_BreakDown_Flat 0-1010 indicator draws the maximums/minimums of yesterday and today’s opening, making you free from the handwork this way. It also shows so called “Morning flat” or the price range from Asian session to the European one.

Download i-Sessions Forex indicators – paints with the background all the three trading sessions or some of them choosingly. For example if you would like to see only European session, put the start and the end of the European session in settings. Delete this meanings for the American and Asian sessions, leaving free fields in the settings.

Symphonie Matrix indicator is used in the Symphony strategy.
Symphonie_Trendline_Indikat is also used in the Symphony strategy.

AdaptiveLaguerreFilter is used for example in the “Strategy without strategies”.

RainbowMMA indicators are sliding, average, painted with different colors and disclosing like a fan in the trend. I use it in the “The return line” strategy.

The program for calculating the working lot. This table is used to simplify the calculation of the working lot. For example you have decided to risk not more than two percent of the deposit in each transaction. Insert the values into the table and the table will calculate the working lot automatically. The file with the table opens with the free program OpenOffice.

The set of indicators used in the GenesisMatrix strategy and for ease of installation as well, the pattern is enclosed in the archive.

The pattern, MACD indicator is a script which closes all the orders when reaching 500 points either of profit orof loss. This set is used in the 500 пипсов MACD strategy.

You can test a strategy manually with the program SimpleForexTester. This program simulates the movements of currencies. The program itself is in the file. The video on installation and using is below.





Rey Misterio vs Gran Khali





Wish you great profits! Good luck!






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