Minimum deposit on Forex


Let’s make it clear from the start that you have trained enough on your demo account. You have mastered one of trading systems and you are getting strong and stable profit for already three, or better five-six months. In this case it’s is high time to think about trading with real money. After all, you cant play funny money forever!

Knowing the reason of the question about minimum deposit on Forex, it would be easier to give a focused answer. I will try to cover a couple of basic aspects.


As for Dealing Centers (DC), at present minimum deposit threshold has lowered to an unbelievable extent. Currently, at the markets there are such DCs where one can open a deposit starting from 1 dollar. Of course, every DC has its own threshold. Somewhere it may equal 200, somewhere else 300, or 500, etc. So, not having a big sum of money, one can find appropriate dealer without problem. Forex industry has come out of stagnation state long ago.


The question which minimum deposit is the most appropriate on Forex can be debated. Supposing you decided to make trading your main occupation. Don’t be fast to resign your job, it’s too early yet. Before you quit it is necessary to make sure indeed that you are really capable of getting strong and stable profit out of your trading. The formula is simple: it is necessary to reach the profit two or three times bigger than your salary at work before you joined Forex. This is a starting point. Minimum deposit on Forex


 At this point one may seriously start thinking about quitting the job. Now you know how to calculate the amount of the profit that you need to change your occupation. From now, it will not be difficult to figure out the appropriate minimum sum of your deposit on Forex basing on your previous trading profits. I took myself at the thought that we constantly talk about people who decided to make trading their main occupation. What about those who don’t want to change their working places?


Forex online They will not object to little (or big) extra income. It is even simplier. As it has been already said, a real trading account can be opened only with one dollar. The trading with such deposit will be held in microlots. I don’t think that your final target in trading on Forex is to get microprofit. I recommend that you operate with sums varying from 300 to 700 dollars.



Don’t listen to the stories telling you that you need 10 000 dollars and more to succeed on Forex. With all responsibility I dare to say that if a person loses with a small deposit then with big deposit the situation will worsen rather than change for better. The opposite statement is also true. If a trader gets profit with small deposit chances are that he will get the same profit with bigger deposit too. The most important thing is that you should remember a golden rule: you should invest into Forex the sums of money without which you will be able to go on living as comfortable as before the investment.


Wish you great profits! Good luck!






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