Everybody complicates things – geniuses simplify them’.

Y. Moroz

I don’t pretend to be a genius, it’s just my motto, which I try to follow in everything.

Welcome to my website Forex for Free! My name is Eugen Freund. I’m 51 years old, and I have a 20-year working experience in the market.

The resource is dedicated to the Forex theme. The website contains author strategies and developments. I’m sure there is something to gather not only for beginners. Profitable, proven simple and therefore easy to digest, author strategies are published here.



Everyone can choose for themselves. Someone can give his full working day to Forex, but someone else is just beginning and has to work somewhere, so he is able to give time to Forex only sporadically. For both of them here can be found the appropriate strategies of Forex for Free, which produce a profit of 100% a year and more.

The choice of a strategy is probably one of the first issues which a trader faces. The second of importance issue is to follow the intended way and not to change one strategy for another. It takes more than a month to develop some strategy and to get used to it. If you start to change it, you can spend years.

The right way is to choose a strategy for your character, not to change anything in it if it’s not your own (that’s important), and to develop and get used to the strategy.

So, what you can find having looked through this website is:

Strategies of Forex for Free, ready for using

Understanding of what will happen tomorrow

Perfect true freedom

Evolution of your financial thinking

Realization, that your work is fun.

Trading at the initial stage involves definite inputs. I spent more than 10 thousand dollars on training at one time. I started getting a steady profit in the 4th year. The key-word is STEADY.

The goal I’m pursuing here is to give you the opportunity to avoid the cascade of mistakes I made myself at the beginning.



Financial independence and then also financial freedom

Obvious respect to you of others

Relish from the possibility of doing what you want

Economy of tons of time

X-ray vision on a businessman’s strategy

You must study for a few years to carry out technical analysis successfully in the Forex market. The author Forex strategies I created, with their profitability, don’t require knowledge of technical analysis or fundamental analysis. They don’t require long studying of graphic figures, all kinds of patterns. Each strategy is distinguished by its simplicity, easy to perceive. You can learn about each of these strategies for free.

You can start climbing the Financial Olympus whenever you want, but what for to postpone! You will definitely succeed. You are not alone, you’re not thrown into the financial abyss, you are sailing a big beautiful ship, surrounded by the faithful friends always ready to lend their hands.







In the way!





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