Modifications of the “REVENGE” strategy

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a version of profitable Forex strategy is shown – “Revenge” in original. As the time has shown, this strategy turned out to be easy not for everyone, and I decided to simplify it more. Maybe someone will choose the next versions:

The extra frame H1 is added. Set two MA indicators with the parameter 18, both Exponential, Close. On one of them leave the displacement equal to 0 in the settings parameters, as it’s shown on the screen below, on the other set the displacement 2. Make both the indicators with the thickest line which is possible.

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Then add this graph to the two ours.
The majority of traders deal with self-learning, so to say free Forex training, and it’s not easy for them to adapt at once to the minute graphs. Those who feel it difficult to work with the minute graphs, change the minute graph for the five-minute one.

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Dark green background on the screen is the coloring of the trading range with i-Sessions indicator, for clarity, for the work with the history of forex quotes, not to look through the history for a full day, but only at the time personally you are going to give to the trade on Forex

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As we can see on the start of European session, the quote is above the yesterday’s maximum, what is an additional positive criterion for marching to the long, above movings in H1, above movings in M15, so observing all the conditions of the strategy, enter with M5 for example. The entrances are marked with the short red horizontal lines on the screen.
It isn’t a working situation. The climbs have got lost in the movings in H1 = we don’t work.

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Wait for a good exit of the climb from movings with the whole body or at least with 2/3 of the magnitude of your body, and only after the closing of such a climb look for an opportunity to enter.

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With the introduction of such a filter the profitability of “Revenge” will decrease sharply, but it will become more accessible for the perception, if not to say that arch-simple. Meanwhile the ratio of the profitable and unprofitable transactions still remains very high.
For the ones who deals with self-learning, having chosen free Forex training, the next modification is with the concretized Take Profit. We also use the previous version, but set the TP=60 points. With +15 - 20 points the order is transferred to breakeven. With +40 – 45 points, set +10 points and don’t touch any more. We get the ratio Profit/Loss equal to 1/6. That’s not a bad ratio. But you have to understand that the potency will drop dramatically in comparison with the previous versions, though we get the effacement of abstraction and have the specifics. If in the original system the expected profit is a fold increase of the deposit for one month, then the expected profit with the attaching of the filter H1 will be 50-70%, and the modification with a concrete TP will give you 5-30% a month.
Although…here is an example: you’ll have flat for 3-5 days, when the price sticks in movings, let’s assume that you took only 3 transactions in Take Profit from 15 left working days, and the rest in Stop Loss. So 3 in take and 12 transactions closed in Stop Loss. With the risk for each transaction equal to 2.5% we get +15% of profit to the deposit. Strictly speaking, if you know SL and TP, it’s not difficult to look in the history how it used to look like before, what profit the system brought. It is also easy to calculate what profit you’ll be able to derive having gained the experience, if you have for instance the ratio of profitable to unprofitable transactions 50/50. 8 losses and 8 takes, we get +100% of profit to the deposit a month.




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Wish you great profits! Good luck!






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